Paddler John, in the paper!

Hi Paddlers,

In the Portland Press Herald today (Nov. 10, 2013) in the Outdoor section there is an article about the Pemaquid Paddlers and me, ending 10 years of leading the trips, if you wish to read it click here.

The headline, I think, is a little misleading, "The Lead Paddle has Passed",  I am very much still here ... read the story, much longer that I thought it would be.

I would like to thank all those who were quoted about the trips and what I do on them.

The author, I think went a little overboard concerning me and what I did.  I was surprised she didn't mention that I can walk on water, I can by the way, as long as it is frozen.


The Last Paddle

Our last paddle of the year, out of Round Pond, was one of the great paddles this year.  We put in when the air temperature was 32 and the water temperature was 53.  A big plus for the paddle was there was no wind and a full sun, not a cloud in the sky.  The low temperature was not a problem on the trip at all.  The weather was so good we ended up paddling for about 3 1/2 hours.  Most houses we passed were closed up for the year and most of the dock ramps and floats had been removed from the docks for the winter.

We saw a few loons enjoying the fine weather.  Also the lobstermen were out pulling their traps.

There were 7 paddlers on the trip.

Summary of paddle trips for 2013

Number of trips planned 24

Number of trips taken 24

Total number of paddlers 402

Average number of paddles on the trips 16.75

Most paddlers on one trip 32,  August 27,  on Pemaquid Pond a sunny and 80 degree day.

Least number of paddlers on one trip 4, June 11, Medomak River a day with heavy rain and cold.

Number of miles we paddled as a group this year, 1890 miles.  This is the distance from mid-coast Maine to Denver, Colorado

Number of emails I sent out this year 4320.

We had 4 trips this year in the rain, 6 trips which were cloudy or partly cloudy, and 14 days that were sunny.

I would like to thank Frank Barnako for taking care of our website the last 3 years, a great job.

Also I would like to thank Jim Steno for the good job he did on handling our weekly press releases, this year, his first year for doing this.

Thank you again to both of you for making things easier for me.

I would also like to thank everyone has has joined me on a paddle during the last 10 years, one couple has been paddling with me for 9 years and another couple for 8 years.  I enjoyed all the trips and I hope you did too, well maybe some of the ones in the rain where not a lot fun.

This winter I will working on recovering from a medical problem.  I am also thinking of going south for 2-3 weeks to see what winters are like there, where people complain if it is 60 degrees!  I am also thinking of getting a dog--a lab or a golden retriever.

My goal is to get back to kayaking by April 11 or earlier.  I will miss paddling this winter, especialy on New Year's Day.  That is always a good way to start the new year.

Goodbye and happy paddling, may the winds and tides always be at your back!

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.




Our trip last Tuesday on Biscay Pond was a little windy, which was both good and bad.  We had to paddle against the wind on the way out.  On the way out we stayed on the leeward side of the pond to try to stay out of the wind as much as possible.  On the way back we stayed on the windward side and had a very easy paddle back with the wind pushing us along very nicely.  We did reach our destination point which was the start of the Pemaquid River.
We saw an eagle and only heard a loon.  Loons have moved to the ocean for the winter.
We had 13 paddlers on the trip.
Our paddle next Tuesday, October 29, will be out of the village Round Pond Harbor.  There is a $2.00 put-in fee on this paddle.  Please bring the exact amount as you pay on the honor system.  There is a can next to where we put-in where you deposit the money.  The put-in site can be reached off of Route 32 in the village of Round Pond.
We will paddle around the harbor and then out into Muscongus Bay and we will paddle either up or down the bay depending on which way the wind is blowing. I want to paddle into the wind at the start.
If you need more information on this trip click on the following link -->>
If you wish to see the area of the paddle from a satellite picture go to Google Earth and type in Round Pond, Bristol, ME.  If you tap the squares on the screen it will show you pictures of that area.
This will be the past paddle of the year and the last one I will lead after starting the Pemaquid Paddlers 10 years ago. It will also be the end of the Pemaquid Paddles. I have tried to figure out how many trips that was and my best guess is around 240.  Some years we had as many as 26 trips and some only 22, recently it has been 24 trips per year.  For 3 years we even had 4 full moon paddles each summer.  I have missed only 2 paddles in those 10 years.  One to go whale watching in Canada and one to go on a week long trip on a schooner out of Rockland.
I will send out one more newsletter on October 31 with a summary of the trips this year.
Thank you all for joining me on my trips.
Come join me on my last paddle and have a wicked good time.
Zero trips left.

Oct. 29: The End is here

Round Pond Harbor and Muscongus Bay

Take Route 32 to Round Pond and follow the signs in the center of town to the public landing. There is a $2.00 put-in fee.

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Trip Report: Muscongus Bay

We had a very nice paddle last Tuesday on an area of Muscongus Bay.  We paddled down the bay towards the ocean, we were still a long from even seeing the ocean when we turned around.  We had a mostly sunny sky and a light wind for the whole trip.  It was a new experience for some of the paddlers when we had to paddle through some eddies on the way back.

We saw many loons and heard from a few of them.  We also saw a seal.  There were also a few lobstermen on the bay pulling their traps.

There were 7 paddlers and we were out for about 2 1/2 hours.

Our paddle next Tuesday, October 22, will be on Biscay Pond.  We will paddle the length of the pond which is about 2 miles long and see where the pond empties into the Pemaquid River.  The put-in site is off of Biscay Road. As usual we will leave the put-in site at 9:00 AM.

For more information about the paddle click on the following link -->>

To see the whole pond from satellite go to Google Earth and type in Biscay Pond, Lincoln Maine.

Come join me on my farewell tour and have a wicked good paddle!

Only one paddle left.


Oct. 22: Biscay Pond

On this trip we will stay on the pond and paddle to where the Pemaquid River starts.

Put-in is at Biscay Beach off of Biscay Road. 

Take Biscay Road at the Damariscotta traffic light, by McDonald’s, the beach is on the right when you see the pond. 

We will soon leave Biscay Pond and travel under the bridge and into the connecting stream and into Pemaquid Pond and paddle north into the pond.

Click here for a link to Google Maps

Trip Report: Damariscotta Lake

Our trip last Tuesday, on Damariscotta Lake, was a little strenuous in  parts.  On part of the paddle out we had a strong wind in our faces and our boats bounced around a good bit.  Four of the paddlers turned around because of it.  The rest of us did reach Deep Cove, where it was calm.  The paddle back was much quicker with the strong winds at our backs.

We saw two eagles riding the wind currents high above us.  We also saw many loons on the lake.

We had 10 paddlers on the trip.

Our paddle next Tuesday, October 15, will be on Muscongus Bay, with our put-in off of Dutch Neck Road, which can be reached from Route 32.  We have put-in here earlier this year, but on this trip we will paddle in another direction.

For more information about this trip click on the following link -->>

To view the put-in site from satellite go to Google Earth and type in Dutch Neck Rd., Waldoboro, ME.  The road to the put-in site is just before Brooks Lane and is not labeled on the picture, but you can easily see the parking area.

Come join me on my farewell tour and have a wicked good paddle.

Two trips left.